Timeline may be back up in the air after last night, but we’ll have more info after we talk to the doctor at rounds this morning…

Last night was a little rough. After Josh went 7 hours yesterday without oxygen, he couldn’t maintain the needed blood saturation level, so was placed back on at the trickle level of 1/8 LPM. Was fairly level for a long time, until some time early morning. Slowly settled down to a level that was below the needed level because his breathing was diminished–basically breathing shallow when he was sleeping. So he’s back at 1/4 LPM.

Plus we had a bit of a run-in with a respiratory therapist and requested and discussed with the charge nurse. Here’s what happened: during the wee hours, a nurse had come in to check on him after his O2 levels dropped and the little alarm went off. He was a little stuffed up, but not bad, so I discussed with her using the bulb syringe when he woke up for nursing, which would have been like 1/2 hour away, and if that did not bring the level up, to bring back the oxygen at 1/8 LPM.

So within minutes an RT come in (side note: had a slight bit of issue with her the night prior) and immediately–without checking on him with the stethoscope or anything, said she was going to suction him. No discussion, nothing. I said no, this is what we discussed. And her reply is what got me, because of the way she said it…like a threat: she’d have to document it. Doesn’t come across anything like that in writing, but trust me.

JoAnn and I then discussed for a few minutes, and asked to speak to the charge nurse. Explained how we were going with the plan discussed with our doctor, and the reaction of that RT, that we were going to be involved in the decision-making about our son, etc. Essentially ended up doing what the “bad” RT wanted to do, but in a much better way, with more care, and without the attitude.

So today’s goal is weaning him off the O2…and we just got taken down to 1.8 LPM.