Asking for help…

Asking for help isn’t something I generally do, or do well, or do much…but after this past week, I am inclined to do so. In part, because of the need; in part, because I’ve realized that some people want to help or want to bless, but we’ve not let them.

The need is simple: the past week not only did expenses increase quite a bit, but also some of the time I took off work to be at the hospital with Joshua will be unpaid as I apparently used all of my vacation through the year. So we’re strapped. Hard.

Do I regret taking the time? No, not at all…he is my son, and that is something that will last far longer than any job. But at the same time, there are consequences.

So if you can help…with any amount…please email me at for address, or alternately, I can accept PayPal via the same email address. Again, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!