Bunch of troublemakers, we are…

During our time here, we’ve had some great nurses, some ok nurses, and some not-so-good nurses. Last night we had a situation with a nurse that was more on the latter part of that scale…she chose to do certain things without discussing with us (at one point, she was orienting a new nurse to the floor, and was talking directly to her (across the crib) about it rather than me, the parent, who was also standing right there (at the end of the bed). She also decided at 10:00pm, that she did not like how we had things arranged in the room, that proceeded to re-arrange in a way that was not going to work to be able to get Josh out safely, to nurse or hold him, or to get him back in. Oh, and she did this while I had been trying to get a little bit of sleep…so needless to say, I was a bit peeved. As was JoAnn.

We talked about it, and then the new nurse came in, and she knew we were not happy about it. Ended up moving things back closer to where they’d been prior–and where no other nurses during our time had issues with. Then about 12:30am, they came in, and this nurse decided that despite the fact that Josh was sleeping well, his stats were good, and he sounded better than any other time we’d been here, that his nose needed suctioned. For the 3rd time since shift change at 7:00. (Note: one of the very first things we were told was they they’d want to limit the suctioning, because too much would swell the nasal passages.). Oh, and again she was talking not to me, but to the other nurse.

Do believe something in my body language–or maybe our rebellion with the layout–triggered something, because shortly thereafter the charge nurse (head nurse for the shift) came in, and we had a little chat about the issues. Oddly enough, after that, no more suction–suddenly it sounded like it was just from swollen passages. Was kinda funny how she emphasized that. And I was talked to directly–though the time just after the talk, she started talking again to the other nurse until then end, when she suddenly switched to talking to me. And after then we mostly dealt with the new nurse, who was nice.

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