Doin’ our part…

In today’s world, where the “economy” is all-important, we are happy to report that with Josh’s birth, we are doing our part to help stimulate the economy. Take that, John Edwards. Think you can do better, Hillary?

To compare, the costs associated with the birth as we had initially planned, would have been (approximate figures, not yet adjusted for inflation):
Birth Center: $2000
Midwife (throughout pregnancy): $2500
Approx total: $4500

Hospital birth (again, approximate–we’ve not yet received the bills):
Midwife: $2500
Hospital: likely upwards of $10k
Anesthesiologist: ?
Doctor: ?
Approx total: $12,500 (minimum, likely higher….much higher)

As an aside, the donate button is still at the bottom of the page…although readers have been doing fairly well on the Google Ad click rates. 😉