So our own doctor was finally back in town and did rounds this morning. He’s always been very supportive of how we parent and the way we make the choices that we do…but he also is very upfront with information. And so it was with the timeline.

Despite Josh improving dramatically over the last day and our hopes that we’d be able to go home within the next couple of days, that may not be the case. It really is going to depend on how quickly his lungs recover and how efficiently they maintain oxygen saturation and how easily he can breathe. So it could be the next couple of days…or it could be another week or possibly even two.

The latter ranges could present some issues for us with childcare for Mika and Sammy if this extends to Sunday or beyond and possibly even with work for me…and understandably so. But the priorities are what they are, and while Josh is in the hospital, I will be here with him, as will JoAnn.

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