Expensive trip to Gig Harbor…

Written by Scott

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So it’s a little after noon today, and a client needs some assistance across the Narrows in Gig Harbor. I take off. Get about a mile away, and a little before the freeway (fortunately), a tire blows.

At first I think it’s the one Les Schwab plugged a couple weeks ago. Get into a parking lot, get out to look, and lo and behold, it’s on the other side. Call into the office with the possibility of someone else having to go to the client’s….change the tire…and then see the major piece of iron smack dab in the middle of the tire. Looks like the tines of a fork, but about the diameter of a little less than my pinky. Definitely not repairable.

Not driving on the freeway with my donut tire (although it rode surprisingly well), so head to the same Les Schwab. But replacement set for the back with a great 60k mile warranty. With tax, a couple bucks over $300. So very expensive trip to Gig Harbor…although not too big of a deal this time around because we got more business from that client–hopefully I won’t have to replace the other two tires next week when I go there–and because there’s a extra bit of money that I’ll be getting in the next few weeks that covers that and then a little more. Granted, would have been better to not have to replace the tires, but at least it’s not like…oh, I don’t know…recent medical expenses. (Those new to the blog, read back…)

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