Ok, what next…?

Written by Scott

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So now we have the issue of JoAnn’s car, as if enough hasn’t happened recently. The thing is dying…

The good news is that it isn’t apparent yet, and still does run well.
Bad news is that it would cost more in repairs than the car is worth (over $4k..for the repairs, that is).

The good news is that we were planning on trading it for a larger car, especially if there’s a chance we might have another baby. Already not really enough room for the 3 car seats in the back that they are currently, but we’ve managed.
Bad news is that it wasn’t going to be this soon. And after the other recent events, and our wonderful adjustable rate mortgage, we’re strapped. And minivans seem awfully overpriced right now.

The good news is that we’d still get decent trade-in value right now.
Bad news is that we’d have to buy soon–I can’t risk her being stranded with the kids. Also can’t risk waiting too long and having the car die…and the trade-in value die with it.

The good news is that we’ve had family, friends, and acquaintances sometimes by surprise send gifts and donations that have helped tremendously.
Bad new is that I think cyberbegging may be making a very localized comeback. (Oh, by the way, that “Donate” button at the bottom of the page does, in fact, work…)

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  1. Melissa from LC says:

    Wow! If only you knew HOW close to home it hits to hear you talk about the sequence of events that keep slamming you guys against a wall. I can completely relate to the feelings of, "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!" In fact, I myself just recovered from an emotional car ride home filled with blubbering and sometimes inaudible prayers to the big man upstairs. "What is the DEAL, Lord?!"Here's what was brought to my attention… perhaps it will bring a sense of peace to you and your family as well. :smile:"What is this doubt in me,Convincing me to fear the unknown,When all along you've shown,Your plans are better than my own,I know I won't make itIf I do this all alone…So I'm about to let goAnd live what I believeI can't do a thing nowBut trust that you'll catch me…" (Barlow Girls "Let Go")"All of you is more than enough for ALL of me,For every thirst and every need…More than all I want,More than all I need,More than all I know,More than all I can see,You are more than enough!"(Jeremy Camp "Enough")Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the huge mountain that stands in front of us. We keep climbing but it never seems to end. My eyes were opened when I heard, "I'm going to live what I believe". I KNOW God. I know what He's capable of and so do you. He's never let us fall before, and He won't let us fall now. Keep your chin up. Know that we are praying for you and your family. The night WILL give way to morning! 😀 God bless!!-Melissa