Well, then…

Written by Scott

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So we began looking into refinancing the mortgage to ease the current financial strain, and prayers are being answered. So far, it looks really good–appears that we can pay off almost all other debt, cash out about $10k to be able to buy outright the vehicle for JoAnn, and end up paying almost identical to what we are paying currently. And at a really great interest rate…apparently about the best available right now…because of our good credit standing. And, of course, the interest is tax-deductible!

Then we’re locking up credit cards, except for maybe getting a low-rate rewards type of card, use for monthly expenses, and then pay off each month to keep the credit scores high…and using our monthly leftovers to begin rapidly paying off the small remainder of debt, remaining medical bills, and then my Vue–which right now is almost completely principal as is, and already coming down quickly.

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  1. Susan says:

    Thank goodness. That is very good news.