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After looking at different vans and dealing with car salesmen Sunday and Monday (and getting a little fed up with the whole process), JoAnn looked online and we went to Puyallup to look at a van after work. Turned out that the van had already been sold, but this dealership was part of a group, and another location–back in Tacoma, near home–had one like what we were looking for…and the salesman met us there.

Found one, and then the negotiations began. We had a couple aces, though: we had another one ready to be signed for (but we’d rather not go there unless we had to)…and it was a dealership just down the road from them. Literally.

So first offer was high, and trade-in was low-balled. JoAnn said no…and said this is what we want (this amount to pay, this amount for the trade-in). Next offer was better, but not not meeting it. Pointed out that we had the other ready, features and mileage were comparable, and pulled out the ad of the other. He took it to the general manager, and didn’t think he’d go for it…but he did.

So the van is a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, low mileage–was a rental in Utah for like 8 months, remainder of the bumper-to-bumper 3yr/36k mile warranty, and the 8yr/80k mile powertrain warranty. Silver. Power this, power that…but this one no power side doors…instead Mika’s fave feature: a DVD player!

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