Used car salesmen…

Written by Scott

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And here I thought the stereotypical used car salesmen tactics might be a thing of the past. Call it naiveté, but we’ve dealt with Saturns and a particular salesman for so long that we were not accustomed to how the rest do it. But boy did we find out.

All the old tricks: high initial price, low trade-in offer, immediately talking about monthly payments rather than price….wouldn’t be surprised if they were using the phone intercom trick–I was going to mute it, but they had no buttons labeled on the phone. We ended up walking, and then having 2 managers come to intercept us outside. Kids strapped in the car, ready to go…they didn’t get it.

So we’ve got our gameplan for today when they call back: immediately ask if that is their best offer, then inform them of OUR final offer, which doesn’t include financing. Just straight up this amount of cash, plus out trade-in…take it or leave it.

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