At Costco today…

Written by Scott

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(reposted from MySpace blog)

Joshua had fallen asleep, so I took him and did a comfort test on some patio furniture set up in Costco. Was near the entrance, and we were there for quite some time as JoAnn and MikaSam did the shopping.

I was a little amazed by the amount of attention we received. Lots of smiles from young, old, and in-between and comments as well. The one that was used the most–and struck me the most–was “that’s the life”.

It occurred to me that it could not be any closer to the truth. Here I was, sitting there and relaxing, holding my precious sleeping son in my arms…and nothing could be better. (Except maybe for a cold soda or iced mocha or something like that added to the mix).

In our overly-hectic lives, sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do…sit, relax, and enjoy the things that really, truly matter. I encourage you to do that today, while you have the chance.

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