Sammy can read…

Written by Scott

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So almost out of the blue, Sammy starts reading. Complete words, sentences, paragraphs.

He’d been tracing along in books like he was trying to read for a while, but sometimes the tracing didn’t match the words, so we kind of dismissed it. Then we thought it was memorization. And then after JoAnn wrote some sentences for him to read, we realized he does in fact know how to read. So not only has his speech improved dramatically this year, but now he can read as well.

(For those who don’t know, Sammy’s dealt with speech apraxia for years now, but with therapy, some great teachers at his special preschool, and some supplemental work at home, he’s more than caught up).

Now that he’s done with his special preschool, he’ll be homeschooling kindergarten over the summer (most of which he can already do), and then start first grade level homeschool in the fall.

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