The things that matter…

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but this is a train of thought I’ve had for a couple weeks now but hadn’t taken the time to write yet. Yesterday, though, was a bit of a spark to find the time to do so…which I am now beginning as I am doing a server prep. Now THAT’S multitasking…

The essence of the thought is this: I am blessed, many times over.

There’s Mika, who wrote in a handmade card for me yesterday that I am her hero (and yet she doesn’t yet understand the things I’ve been through to bring me to this point). If ever the phrase “apple of my eye” were true, it is and always has been her.

There’s Sammy, who is becoming such a great little boy and has overcome so much himself with his speech issues. He keeps blowing me away with how much he does know, but just recently was able to articulate. He makes me very proud.

And there’s my little man Josh, who just a couple months ago was in that hospital bed seemingly fighting for his life. If there was ever a reminder of what the important things are and how to prioritize, that was it.

So those out there who are more impressed with the material, you can have your Beamer/Lexus/Mercedes/Cadillac. You can have your large, very nice house. You can have your overly-leveraged lives. I’ll keep our simple, single-income, mom-raising-the-kids life. I’m not the one missing out.