So THAT’S what heat exhaustion looks like!

Written by Scott

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Ok, so we’re in the middle of a litte heat wave here in Western Washington. Today was about 90° F, and because of the current family hectic-ness, I decided that I needed to mow the lawn after work. Not a bad idea initially, since tomorrow is going to be hotter, and well, things tend to get busy and it might otherwise be a week before I get the chance. But I digress.

So I mowed the lawn. Felt fine, it didn’t seem that hot or anything. Finished and then came inside, sat at my computer to check email, and within about 30 seconds, my face felt flush and sweat began almost pouring down. Went into the bathroom to look, and my face was BRIGHT red.

So quick cool shower and some Gatorade later, things are fine. Let that be a lesson to y’all.

(It also explains the heat restrictions we had in boot camp in Orlando (’89) when the temp reached certain levels. All I remembered was that it sure did hurt to do pushups on the blacktop when it was hot…burned the palms. We learned to switch hands or use knuckles.)

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