Point Defiance Zoo

Written by Scott

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At the zoo…(JoAnn and Josh are on the other side of the camera).

The kids absolutely adore Rachael. Mika would like a big sister now…but alas, ’tis a bit late for that. Call it poor planning on our part.

We were there for the Tacoma Public Library’s summer reading program, which while being a great program in giving incentives for kids to read over the summer, has some small deficiencies. In my opinion. The first of which is that, while it does in fact demonstrate his ability to read, and thus supports the program, Tacoma’s mayor (Bill Baarsma) should not have read his comments to the children and parents. To me it comes across as insincere, unprofessional, uncaring, and lame. Maybe I shouldn’t criticize, because at least he didn’t politicize the event this year.

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