First classes at the Y…

Written by Scott

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Today was MikaSam’s first swimming class and Sammy’s first aikido class. (Yesterday was supposed to be Mika’s first gymnastics class, but they decided to cancel the class…and not notify people until JoAnn had packed everyone up and drove there.)

Part of the reason for the swim class is to help Mika get over some of her fears of water. She ended up with an awesome teacher that helped her a lot and challenged her (without freaking her out or making her cry hysterically). By the time we left, Mika said she loved the class.

Sammy’s aikido class was interesting. The art itself is interesting in how it leverages the movement of the attacker for the defender. It’s really kind of fascinating to watch the fluidity of the movement. But he did well, and I think the discipline aspect will help him quite a bit.

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