Michael Vick…are you kidding me?

Written by Scott

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Brief timeline:

4/25: Search warrant executed at his residence in VA turns up 66 dogs – 55 of them pit bulls — and what appears to be a dog-training complex. Additional searches turn up more evidence as well as multiple buried dog remains.

7/17: Vick and other defendants indicted.

7/26: Vick pleads not guilty.

8/23: With mounting evidence and disclosures by other defendants, Vick pleads guilty in a plea bargain with prosecutors.

8/27: Vick holds press conference to apologize for his action, for lying to his employer and the NFL, and to the fans. And finds Jesus, purportedly.

Early September: Vick tests positive for marijuana use, violating terms of his release while awaiting sentencing.

9/18: Vick defaults on $2.5M loan from Canadian bank, suit says

And people want to give him another chance in the NFL?!?

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