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Written by Scott

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There has been a wave of Ron Paul for President signs and banners appearing around Tacoma, which is fairly odd considering the liberal bent here. He’s gotten almost no airtime on the major networks despite having done well in the Presidential debates. So I’ve been reading a bit about his stands on things. Have to say I am very impressed, not just by his stands, but by his bluntness. Not blunt in a rude way, but blunt in that there’s no double-speak at all. For a politician, that’s remarkable…and refreshing.

He’s a conservative, but not in name only. He’s run as a libertarian in the past, so he’s not quite the standard conservative. He’s been consistent in his voting over the past 20 years in Capitol Hill.

He’s got a specific issue in his campaign in support home schooling. That caught my eye and my attention, or course. He’s concerned with some of the agreements we’ve entered into that will lead to limiting our independence. And while I disagree with some of his points regarding the war in Iraq, I think he’s got in spot-on in his reasoning behind it.

Anyway, more on Issues (from his website…click).

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