Safeway’s Back-to-School program

Written by Scott

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Update, 2/20/08: just discovered we are no longer listed AND they changed their rules (now require the organization to be a non-profit, and an actual enrollment form exists)…and they never informed us. And kept our money.
Safeway has been running this program where it donates 10% of receipt totals to the school of your choice. I’d never paid attention to it until this evening when I ran to the store for our emergency supply of Dreyer’s Yogurt Blends (which, BTW, is AWESOME for dieting). The redemption code was printed on the receipt–likely as a reminder, since the program ends on 10/13/07.

Anyway, I went to the site and checked out the listings. Then enrolled our homeschool in it. It allowed me, and the Terms and Conditions did not exclude us in any way at all.

So those of you who use Safeway, go to to enter in your codes, or, as I discovered, just add in your Club Card number! Search for us by zip code of 98418.

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