Story of the Kitten…

Written by Scott

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So last night was the first night for AWANA, so the kids and I were at church and JoAnn and Josh at home. I get a call from JoAnn on my cell, but being with 60+ 3- and 4-year olds, I couldn’t hear a word she said. So called her back after.

Turns out a neighbor across the street had found either a lost or abandoned little kitten shivering out in the cold (relatively cold, since it’s been getting cooler here–besides, it was shivering. It’s about 8 weeks old, looks like it will be all or mostly black. Since we are animal people (I suppose with 4 cats and 2 dogs, we qualify), we are keeping her for a couple days until we find someone to keep her.

She is a very adorable, and now that she’s warm and fed, very loving kitten and quite the purr monster. The thing that struck me this morning when I went to take my shower (we’re keeping her in the bathroom for her safety with the other cats and the dogs) was–and I know this will seem like classic anthropomorphism–is that she seemed grateful. Fully, unadulteratedly thankful, rubbing up against me and purring.

Too bad we don’t seem to learn from animals very well, eh?

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