Surreality at Cannon Beach…

Written by Scott

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I know, surreality doesn’t seem like it should be an actual word, but it is, despite my best attempts at trying to combine surreal with reality. But anyway…

Our last day at Cannon Beach was an early start for me. Sybil had managed to get herself tangled on some bushes outside the tent and started whining. It was 5:00, and not too far from my normal wakeup time, so I put my sandals on, untangled her, and we headed to the beach.

A hazy fog had come in and enveloped the beach to cover about half of Haystack Rock. So between that and the only light being from the neighboring houses and hotels on shore, it made for a very odd, very surreal time on the beach. Almost eerie, but also very peaceful and quiet.

Now if I can ever get wireless signal down there…or maybe a mobile broadband card…I’d be set. Oh, and a chair, because typing while walking is a bit difficult. 😉

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