Technical difficulties

Written by Scott

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Finally did find Internet,obviously, as those of your reading saw with a flurry of posts. Turns out I would have had it early Saturday morning as well, but there was a bit of a configuration issue with my laptop. My laptop runs Linux Mint Cassandra, and the wireless uses ndiswrapper with a Windows driver. (Despite my background in Windows, this is what I chose after a couple weeks af testing various distros earlier this year). The wireless ndiswrapper module could see the access point, but would try and try but never connect. Saturday afternoon I sat outside the coffee shop for a bit trying to figure it out, but without the aid of any internet-based help. Renamed the adapter in the ndiswrapper config file from wlan0 to eth1. No change. RadioState was already set, so no change. So thought I’d try this: manually setting up a connection to a wireless with the exact same SSID. Worked like a charm, once I paid attention and got the SSID the same. So posted the travel blurbs quickly and joined the family at the beach (the 4th time that day by that point). And now set to do more today…well, after I got conencted again. Turns out I was trying to connect to a mis-spelled SSID. Not even my magic can make that work.

And…like any of you care. 😉

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