The drive home…

Written by Scott

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So took a different route home. Hwy 101 to Astoria to Hwy 30 to Longview to I-5. Going well, speeds good. At 3:35, I hit the south part of Olympia and realize I’ll be home just a bit after 4:00, which is cool. 3 minutes later in mid-Olympia, reality hits. Traffic. Heavy traffic, as if it’s the commute on I-405 in the morning.

So instead of getting home a few minutes after 4:00, I finally hit the border of Pierce County at 4:03. The finally get to Lakewood, and without any sign of an accident or anything, traffic opens up, full throttle. And I get home at 4:45. Ugh.

(The dogs were happy to be home–even though they really liked the beach and multiple daily runs. Sybil’s crashed on the floor next to me, dreaming right now…)

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