My kids ROCK!

Written by Scott

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Ok, so MikaSam recently took standardized tests to see if they would qualify for–get this–skipping a grade. Now as you read, realize these are tests normally taken at the END of a school year.

So Sammy, if you recall, was this little boy with speech apraxia and well behind every area because of it. Well, between his speech therapy, his awesome pre-school teachers, and now homeschooling (and a myiad of other things), he looks to be skipping kindergarten and going to first grade. His scores below. (Click to enlarge)

Mika…what’s there to say? She is amazing, and looks like she should be skipping to 3rd grade. Funny to see some of her equivalence scores being in Jr. High and High School…but then again, maybe with public schools…. (sorry, had to).

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