One project going live later this week!

Written by Scott

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So there’s a project that I’ve been working on since late January–and unfortunately has been off and on, with interruptions of Joshua’s birth, his hospitalization, summer…and creative blocks.

In January I’d acquired an online regional directory of Christian businesses, churches, ministries, and non-profits. My intent was to redesign and grow it, but as I dug into it, I realized that the previous operator had done it all as flat HTML files, and it was pretty disorganized. Plus the numbers appeared exaggerated, and record keeping was, well, lacking. But I believed in the idea and plodded forward (with the aforementioned pauses).

With some encouragement and help along the way, the site is about to be re-launched Sunday. I am glad…and excited. I’ve done some pre-registering with some of the former listers over the past few days, and already have several listings and a couple of paid subscriptions. Not to shabby, and more than what I expected for the pre-registering.

I’d love to give more details…but if I did that, you would have no reason to come back to the blog Sunday to see, would you? But Sunday I shall!

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