Today’s trip to the hospital…

Written by Scott

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Last night Mika and Sammy were playing when Sammy accidentally hit Mika’s right eye with his hand (open, not fist). She said it hurt, and I finally got her to open it, but appeared to just be irritated, like an eyelash got pushed into her eye.

She woke up twice between going to be and about 2:30 this morning from the pain. So I took her to the emergency room.

Just got home about 6:00…she has a corneal abrasion..a scratch on her eye. Not as serious as it could have been, but still very painful for her.

On a lighter note, after she was given some pain medication and a light sedative/relaxant, I was talking very softly to her to see how the pain was, how she was doing, etc. I said “Daddy loves you”, and she shook her head no. I asked her what she meant, and that I did love her, and she said “I thought you said ‘Do you want some lotion?'”. We both laughed…

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