…and a Vegemite sandwich

Written by Scott

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So I am at a client’s site yesterday, and they have an employee who is an Aussie. I am offered (and when I write “offered”, I mean some strange cross between offered, nicely demanding, and double-dog-daring…) a piece of a Vegemite sandwich.

Never had before, and Australians, despite their checkered history, tend to be nice people…plus, if Vegemite is good enough to make it into the lyrics of an 80s song, then I must by all means try it. So I did.

Despite Vegemite being “concentrated yeast extract” made from the byproducts of (mainly) beer production, it wasn’t bad, which appeared to have surprised the Aussie. Perhaps it is supposed to be an acquired taste, or only those with criminal elements in their ancestry like it…? I dunno, but it wasn’t bad…

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