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Written by Scott

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Funny how things happen sometimes.

JoAnn gets a knock on the door late this afternoon…from a man and woman who witnessed the hit-and-run. And followed the car for quite some time, as it hit another car about 6 blocks away. Stopped her, tried to take her keys, but she took off. (Oh, and by the way, she had an young child in the car too). Followed her a while longer until she turned and their trip was taking them straight, so they continued. They noticed she hit a third car after turning the corner. No cell, so they hadn’t called.

But they stopped by, which was far more than the Tacoma Police Department has done to this point.

There’s more, though. Their description led JoAnn (who shouldn’t have been out with her post-surgery foot, but was nonetheless…) to the last car they saw hit. The lights were on, so she knocked on the door to give them more information. And as it turns, that person had far more info for her.

That last car essentially stopped hers, though she was spinning her tires trying to get away. Police were called and ACTUALLY did respond. She was arrested, and we have that police report case number. And that information has been passed along to the area commander…so we’ll see if there is any change.

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