Hit and Run in Tacoma…

Written by Scott

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This is the 2nd time we’ve experienced a hit-and-run accident in front of our house involving our cars. In about 4 years..the first one totaled our car and jumped it into our neighbor’s yard. Needless to say, we’re a little tired of it…but are even more tired of the Tacoma Police Department’s response to it.

Before I go further, let me make it clear that I have absolutely no doubt that there are some outstanding officers in Tacoma. Hey…we even know one! But some of the policies –and the people who make them–are ludicrous.

My pics this morning don’t how the damage as well as I’d like, but…

I was leaving this morning for work and saw it. JoAnn called the non-emergent police department number and was told by the dispatcher that reports aren’t taken for events that took place more than 2 hours ago. Sounded like an excuse, but at least it was a different one from the last dealings we had with them.

So JoAnn emails our City Councilman, Rick Talbert. He’s helped us with a similar non-responsiveness issue with TPD in the past, after which action was taken…
I followed up with a voicemail. He emailed her back very quickly, and also appeared to be surprised by the response we were given, and is following up on it.

In the meantime, JoAnn’s had to contact the insurance, etc.

There’s another pic I’ve tried to add, but Blogger’s having some issue…but it’s a bit of evidence from the offending vehicle. I’ve got it, and since the police aren’t going ot do anything about it…let’s just say I’ll be looking for the matching vehicle.

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