Hit-and-run update

Written by Scott

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In a bold display of efficiency by the Tacoma Police Department, we now have an actual case number. Ooooooh.

What does this mean at this point? Not a whole lot, other than everything will now be officially tracked. JoAnn was told that prosecution may be unlikely–apparently the Prosecutor’s office doesn’t want to take the time to prosecute unless damages are in excess of $10k. We’ve heard that one before, a few years ago, when we were the victims of theft–but at that point the level was $1k.

But like the pressure put on the Tacoma Police Department by the City Councilman to get us to this point, and like we did in the theft issue, we will apply pressure again, this time directly to the Persecutor’s Office.

It worked then, and we’ll made darn sure it works again. The key: everything in writing, whether that be in letter form or email. Everything….because in a case like this, it serves as proof of events, provides a timeline, and makes for a handy all-encompassing package if there’s a need to go public with this seeming insanity that is Tacoma.

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