Thanks for visiting…but who are you?

Written by Scott

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Just back from some holiday shopping and checking email and web stats for the blog and for the Northwest Christian Directory. Noticed something very much out of the ordinary–someone in Tacoma did a google search of my name and tacoma, which linked to this blog…and then spent quite a bit of time reading. Also linked from here to the Directory, where even more time was spent, and what looks like each listing was looked at.

Hope I don’t sound paranoid–just find it curious that someone would spend so much time researching me. I’ll assume it’s one of a couple of things:
1. Someone in the area for Thanksgiving, from my past, checking up on me. Fair enough, but at least identify yourself or email me!
2. Someone doing research on me. Also fair enough, but just be forewarned that between web stats of the two sites, and how they track differently, I have a lot of info on you as well. Just not the name yet.
3. My FBI file is being updated. Much, much less likely…and yes I do have one because of my background from my time in the Navy. Have been thinking of getting a copy just for kicks, under the Freedom of Information Act. (I am joking, by the way…except for the part about having an FBI file…)

Seeing as how the person spent a lot of time in the archives at/around the time of Josh’s birth, I’m going to assume #1 is most likely.

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