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Aside from the lunatic fringe running Seattle and their social engineering plan for Thanksgiving (note in article that even Native Americans disagree with the silly distortion of the truth), there is plenty to be thankful for today.

This list is ongoing throughout the day, so be sure to check in often or refresh throughout the day (I assume it would be the former, since you probably have a few things to do today…)

1. Life..endowed by the Creator.
2. My family…even if they often mistakenly think I am a pain. That’s both the whole family but also each individual person in their own special and sometimes strange way.
3. This country. As divided as we sometimes are, we enjoy more freedoms, and to a greater extent, than any other country in the world.
4. Our military…for volunteering to serve, for placing themselves in harm’s way to protect our country and way of life, and for their sense of duty and honor (things far too often missed in the rest of society)
5. Technology. Not just because my livelihood is in that arena, but because of all the opportunities it opens up for learning, for social interaction, for finding old Navy buddies, for keeping in touch. Of course, after watching Live Free or Die Hard, you can get a glimpse of the issues with technology as well (not to mention the whole issue of EMP, which would render virtually all of our technology useless).

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