Explanation of the OS issue…

Written by Scott

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So why the fuss about the operating systems on my (main) computer?

Despite being a Microsoft Certified Professional (yeah, ooh and ahh) and Small Business Specialist (further oohs), I’m not a strict fanboy of Windows. Nor am I a strict fanboy of Linux. Simply put, the current status of computers today is such that each has its place, and for me, each performs certain tasks or runs certain things that the other doesn’t.

For the Linux, it’s photo editing (the USB transfer of pics from my card reader is about double the speed vs Windows), browsing, remote connectivity (the same client on my Mint box can connect to Windows Remote Desktop clients and VNC clients), and music. For Windows XP, games and other Windows-only apps. For Vista…oh, wait, my previous post talked about how I’ve not gone back into it all day. Well, it’s there for when I do need it.

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