In the spirit of Christmas…

Written by Scott

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Ok, maybe not quite in the spirit of Christmas, though there are some connections. Initial post and comment here. (And please, if you are a teacher, this is a blatant and glittering generality…please do not take offense. Unless, of course, you should take offense because of possible similarities to the truth in your case…)

How many teachers it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

Well, that would depend on if they were union, if they’d been properly trained,
and if they’d completed the adult education hours necessary to qualify to bid on
the job. Proper paperwork needs to be filled out in the event that a sub will be
needed on the day that the lightbulb needs changed. The aforementioned sub will
need to also have same amount of credentials in order to be able to take the
job. Grievances will be filed by both parents and lower level BOE employees.

The lightbulb (now a fire hazaard due to the amount of dust that has built up on it)
will eventually be shot out by a disgruntled student who managed to sneak an old
45 into the school. The kid was off his rocker because he has S.A.D (Seasonal
Affective Disorder) and the hallways were too dark. The base of the lightbulb is
still lodged in the socket and it now (according to the BOE) is going to require
electrician to remove it. After weeks of getting approval so they could call
some electrical contractors, the front hallway needed to be shut down because of
the sparks flying from the the mangled element and precariously lodged base.

Upon getting the OK to have several electricians come in and bid on the job it
was made clear to the BOE that the electricity would need to be shut down for
the day while the bulb was replaced. The school would have to be shut down for
the day and students would need to stay home. After another month the contractor
was finally awarded the job. An appointment was made……………. in June.

All the while… the janitor was wondering why they didn’t just let him know the
lightbulb was burnt out. He could have changed it in like… 5 minutes. He
shrugged his shoulders and continued pushing his broom.

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