Shoutlife–Christian Alternative to Myspace/Facebook

Written by Scott

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Though it has been out for quite some time, I just recently discovered And I am impressed, if for no other reason than a non-MySpace layout and the lack of–shall we say–inappropriate listings. The only thing that initially struck me as odd was the number of friend requests received after initially signing up–seems, as genuine as they may be–that some folks are trolling the “New People” or “New Organizations” sections.

Regardless, it has brought about the first of what will likely be more developments for the Directory: I am in discussion with an internet-based radio station about trading of ad space/listings. The station currently gets upwards of 80,000 hits/month, and is in this area, so it could potentially be a very good source of traffic for the Directory. More info as it develops.

Anyway…join me at either my personal page or the Directory page!

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