Thursday Thirteen

Written by Scott

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Thirteen (Random) Things about Me
In absolutely no particular order or sense

1. I joke about it, but I really do have an FBI file. But it’s not nearly as sinister sounding as it could be. Or so I hope.
2. I also have the info to get a copy of my file and plan to do so soon, if for no other reason than to see what mistakes are in it.
3. Some see me as introverted…and I am.
4. Others see me as extroverted…and I am. Sometimes.
5. Robert Duvall is my favorite actor.
6. But it’s a shame he wasn’t in The Princess Bride, but then again, it would’ve made the movie realistic.
7. Ice cream is nearly a perfect food.
8. Alligator does not taste like chicken…but it is good.
9. Frog, however, kinda does.
10. The only bones I’ve broken thus far: 3 metacarpals on right hand (I was 6) and that silly little toe on my left foot (too many times to count).
11. I rarely go to the doctor, even though I like mine.
12. In Florida, I used to tan like crazy–left there nearly a member of the NAACP. Here in WA State, I burn. Working on a plan to change the Earth’s tilt to allow me to tan again. Or move, perhaps…
13. Delivering your own kids is one of the most amazing things in life–more dads need to be involved.

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  1. DrillerAA says:

    Frog legs do taste kind of like chicken and ice cream is nearly the perfect food. I thought Duvall in "Open Range" might be the best western ever made.Merry Christmas and Happy TT