Why I left, part deux…

Written by Scott

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As expected, I’ve heard back from some former customers about how and what they were told about me leaving. And, as expected, it was handled professionally and not disparaging…though there were two interesting things of note:

  1. The reasoning in one case as to why I left (and the only reasoning I’ve heard thus far) was far more narrow in scope than in reality, and actually had very little to do with the decision. But I’ve not been asked, nor have I given the reasoning, and because things have otherwise been handled non-disparagingly, I don’t plan to. As before, there is no reason to do so. So the assumptions can stand.
  2. Telling a customer “he’s no longer with the company and that’s all I’m allowed to tell you” isn’t necessarily the best thing to say to fortify a customer’s faith…just FYI.

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