Windows Vista….grrrr

Written by Scott

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I’ve been running Vista since its early Beta releases, initially running in dual-boot with XP. Somewhere along the way the XP partition got corrupted, so have been fully Vista since.

My review of Vista: it’s ok. That’d about sum it up…there are some cool new features, some ok ones, but it’s a whole lot of fluff and eye candy, neither of which I’m terribly interested in. Performance has been adequate on some things, but other menial tasks like uncompressing Zip files or transferring pics from the card reader leave a lot to be desired. (As a test a while back, I transferred a set of pics to the Vista machine, then compared to my old Dell laptop running Mint Linux….the Mint box transferred at about half the time.)

My turning point may be next week with the preview release of Vista SP1. Once installed, if it doesn’t take care of some of the performance issues, I’ll be taking some time to redo my system as a dual-boot with XP Pro and Linux Mint (and if it does, I may still redo it as dual-boot between a clean install of Vista and Mint…).

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