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So there I was, up at about 4:30 this morning because I couldn’t get back to sleep…and not terribly concerned. Why? Because I gain two hours later today cross over the Mountain and into the Central time zones. So really it’s like being up at 6:30, which is more like luxuriously-sleeping-in for me. Truly.

Plus today’s not going to be strenuous–maybe testing patience, but that’s te extent of it. Once I get to DFW, it’s jsut a matter of getting to baggage claim, making contact with my pre-scheduled shuttle, getting to the hotel, checking in, and then meeting up later with the National Channel Manager for the company I’m going to the training for. Likely will have dinner. And that’s pretty much it for the night. So no worries on the time.

The only problem is that the suite I’m staying in has a king-size bed. Huge. Especially with no wifey or little happy screeching boy…hopefully I’ll still be able to sleep. 😉

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