Off to Dallas…

Written by Scott

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Headed to Dallas in the morning for some training, and there through the week.

Haven’t been to TX before, and was pretty disappointed when I saw the weather there right now isn’t much better or warmer than here. At least they have accents.

Feeling kinda contemplative, as I always do when going away for a few days. This time I’m caught up in the thought of why it is that we remember the people we remember. For instance, I’ve had folks from my past contact me from MySpace or Facebook or Shoutlife…most of which I remember, but some of which I wonder what it is they remember about me.

Or another example: there are certain names that have stuck with me since high school, or even before. Some of which I might recall how I knew the person, but for the life of me, cannot remember what the person looks like.

Ever wonder the insignificant things that you do that cause people to remember you? Perhaps they aren’t so insignificant after all…

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