T-Mobile Hotspot Warning…

Written by Scott

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So I’m in the airport waiting, and have been for several hours, so decided to get a 1-day pass on the T-mobile Hotspot to read email and have something to do.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to see if I could browse for systems. As it turns out…the answer is yes. And the below screenshot is only the top level of what I was able to do in the course of a couple seconds.

The T-Mobile Hotspot website touts this as one of its selling points:
Protective. The security features of the T-Mobile HotSpot network help make sure that your information stays secure and private.

They’ll be getting an email from me–for this as well as the consistent drops in service. This was not secure at all–what I didn’t show was the fact that each of those Windows machines on the network at DFW showed the shares, including the administrative C$ share of the entire hard drive. My guess is that many people left that as the default username/password of administrator/blank or user/blank or a similar one based on manufacturer. Granted, this part is not T-Mobile’s issue, but the transport allowing the systems to even be seen IS their issue and IS something they can prevent.

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