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Thirteen Reasons This Independent Conservative (Bordering Libertarian) Could Vote For Obama

1. He brings a quality unseen since Reagan and JFK: the power to inspire people.
2. He articulates hope and optimism rather than fear and uncertainty.
3. Taxes: he has argued for a tax cut for the middle class. While much of the time we think of Reagan when it comes to cutting taxes, JFK was the first proponent of it in the modern era…because it works to boost the economy.
4. Homeschooling: On page 344 of The Audacity of Hope, he writes: “none of these policies need discourage families from deciding to keep a parent at home…For some families, that may mean doing without certain material comforts. For others it may mean home schooling….Whatever the case may be, such decisions should be honored.”
5. He is an outsider in Washington DC, rather than being entrenched in the “establishment”. Less baggage.
6. He’s not Hillary: This country has been ruled by the Bush and the Clinton families since the 1988 election. That will mean 20 years–2 decades–of rule exclusively in these two families. If Hillary were to win, and win re-election, we’d be looking at the greater part of three decades. That in and of itself is reason to throw support to Obama.
7. Iraq: I supported–and still support the war, but frankly, there was a gross mismanagement and lack of planning for the post-fighting and rebuilding. The administration had 9 months to plan, to prepare, while the troop buildup began, yet seemingly there was little in place once Saddam was out of power. Read his speech given during the buildup to the war.
8. Iran:

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