Assassination Attempt

Written by Scott

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This evening I was the subject of an assassination attempt. I kid you not.

Well, it may be an ever-so-slight exaggeration, but let me tell you that it’s a pretty thin little line between reality and these events. I would have taken pictures, but I was busy cleaning up the aftermath. And assassination attempts tend to be messy, often more so than actual ones.

Anyway…I was getting ice cream for JoAnn and myself. (Sorry kids, you’d already fallen asleep…you snooze, you lose…and daddy eats the ice cream). Took hers to her, and then decided to add the last little bit of

to mine. Wasn’t much…to the point that we’d had it in the door of the fridge upside down to consolidate the remaining syrup. So, I slowly open the container, when…
instead of dribbling out, it explodes out. All. Over.

Fortunately, with my cat-like ninja reflexes, I managed to avoid it. The stove and floor, however, were not so lucky.

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  1. Shadowfur says:

    Are you trying to tell me I didn't get ANY ice cream that day?!?! LOLOh well. I guess the stove and floor had some troble getting out of the way. Hehe.