Jury Duty!

Written by Scott

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Today I received a summons for jury duty for next month. I don’t mind it, civic duty and all…and the last time I was on a jury a few years back, it was an interesting case: the civil commitment of a sexually violent predator. Was an intriguing and disgusting case, and despite the initial feeling, it took us very little time to reach a unanimous verdict.

But there’s one issue this time around: the new job considers it unpaid leave. And with us being a single-income family, reducing the number of incomes is bad. Very, very bad. Especially after just beginning to recover from being out of work almost all of December.

So here’s my thought: use this blog and the other social networks I’m in to raise money to cover the financial loss from jury duty.

So….would you consider donating via the PayPal button below? I’ll be posting totals daily. Oh, and spread the word…please!?!

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