Lost and the Oceanic 6

Written by Scott

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How about that episode of Lost?!?

We now know Kate gets off the island with Aaron. So he’d be one of the other Oceanic 6.

Jack’s unwillingness to see the baby convinced me that the reason for that is the same reason Kate has Aaron: something happens to Claire, and the Doc can’t save her, or he somehow causes it. Either way, there’s some major guilt there…maybe the same reason for his breakdown in his flash forwards.

So the 6 so far are: Jack, Kate, John, Sayeed, and Aaron. The person in the casket in could be the other, or could be Ben…that part we don’t know yet, or how Ben gets off, or if they somehow change the manifest so that Ben is one of them, or perhaps one of Ben’s many passports matches a name on the manifest.

This season…even more convoluted. But in a good way.

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