New Madden 08 record!

Written by Scott

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Yesterday Sammy and I played Madden 08 together. I let him choose his team–and mine. He chose the Dallas Cowboys for him (good choice) and the Rhein Fire of the now-defunct NFL Europa (not so good of a choice for me). I never should have explained the stats numbers to him…the Cowboys are around 90; the Fire were oh, 56 or so. (Think of them as percentages…and then see below for the apparent reasons that the NFL shut the guys across the Atlantic down).

Let’s just say his scoring was quick and often…and on both sides of the ball. I hit something of a stride in the 3rd quarter, at one point being less that 2 touchdowns behind, but then he took complete control. Again.

Final score: 99 to 49. Plus one very happy little boy.

PS Did another 2 games later in the day: one where again he was a good team and I was an NFL Europa team; the other was him as the Giants and me as the lowly, my-how-they-have-fallen 49’ers. In the first game, it was a total transformation, as my Berlin Thunder dismantled his team. Had some pretty awesome long plays, and he had several of his unbelievable kickoff runs for touchdowns. In the other game, unlike the Super Bowl, the Giants lost…and my Alex Smith threw more touchdowns than he did all season in RL.

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