Who Do Homeschooling Parents Think They Are?

Written by Scott

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Full post and links to the original story at PHAT Mommy (that’s Parenting, Homeschooling And Thriving to you)…and yes, this quote is sarcasm. Although if you read it in a terse tone, you could almost believe it was someone from the NEA…

I don’t know who these parents think they are. You would think they might leave the shaping of their children’s minds, careers and futures to trained professionals, but they insist on interfering in their offsprings’ lives every step of the way.

As if these children were actually their responsibility from birth to adulthood. Don’t they realize these are the people’s children, the state’s responsibility. As such, they must be molded by the state and educated in accordance with state requirements — no more and no less.

They must be taught to accept the same values approved and encouraged by the state. They must be taught that all are equal, regardless of ability, intelligence or talent, and therefore, all must be rewarded equally, regardless of merit, just like the public schoolteachers.

They must be taught their self esteem is more important than anything they can contribute to society. They must be taught that acting in the best interest of the collective is more important than individual liberty.

They must be taught the role of the state is to protect the individual from his own inherent stupidity, because the individual is incapable of making intelligent decisions for himself, and therefore cannot be held responsible for his actions. The state must act as parent, Big Brother, nanny.

I understand the public teachers’ union has the children’s best interest in mind. These parents have a lot of nerve, refusing to conform.

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