The Busy-ness of it all

Written by Scott

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Ok, so there has been a distinct lack of posts lately, I admit. Hopefully will be rectified soon.

The problems are:
1. I re-evaluating the intent of the blog
2. I’m looking for a new template to modify
3. Things have been busy!
4. I’m getting old. Birthday is Friday.
5. Oh, and I’m in on a developing scambait. For those that don’t know what that is–ever get one of those emails asking for your help in redirecting a gzillion dollars from a recently-departed rich person with no immediate family? Generally they are from Nigeria–though that has changed recently–and are called 419 scams (named after the penal code in Nigeria that deals with these frauds). Anyway, the point of a scambait is to string the scammer along, and often you can get them to do things or to even send money themselves to cover costs of things. Sometimes can even get them caught. More info at Scambuster 419. Will also be posting the entire string once completed…you’ll get a kick out of my alias’s name. 😉