We have heat again!

Written by Scott

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Yesterday at some point our heat died, so yesterday evening I got the opportunity to troubleshoot our furnace. A little different from computers and networks, but same general troubleshooting steps, including turning to the Internet for help and, as it turns out, diagrams.

So appeared to be either the thermostat or thermocoupler. Went to Home Depot, got both. Started with the thermocoupler, since it’s cheaper and a little easier. Tore apart the furnace (not really, there’s not a lot to a gas furnace) and replaced it. Didn’t do it, so onto the thermostat.

Come to find out the one I’d gotten was a 4-wire, whereas our exceedingly old house uses the old 2-wire. Went back to Home Depot and returned this one, but they did not have the 2-wire version. And by this time it’s almost 9:00, so I decide we’ll survive the night with the cadet heaters in the bedrooms and I’ll go to our little local hardware store in the morning.

Lo and behold they had the exact model. Put it in, relit the pilot light, turned on power to the furnace and voila–we have heat. And, as an added bonus, I didn’t electrocute myself or blow up the house!