India Mahal Tacoma, Part Deux

Written by Scott

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On my commute home tonight I received an email that kinda took me by surprise. Of course, with driving in our wonderful traffic, I couldn’t read too much of it, but it was an email about the incident the other day at the India Mahal, and it was from the owner of the business next door. The owner had stumbled upon this and JoAnn’s blogs and then emailed me…and apologized for what had happened. And then some.

Talk about contrasts…the owner of the India Mahal goes ballistic over an accidental, incidental entrance into his restaurant and goes off on a woman holding a baby and her 6-year old. And the next-door neighbor apologizes for the behavior of that {insert negative descriptive here}.

I replied, and requested permission to post the email as a positive example of, shall we say, public relations. Once I get permission I will share in full.

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